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More USC/ND hype

There's this story from MyWay: John Robinson will be in attendance.  There's just something greatly amusing about the old man plopped down in one of those Notre Dame Stadium seats in his red sweater, rooting the Trojans on.  High comedy, yet oddly charming.

Also, USC alum and SI writer Arash Markazi says USC's still number one.

Ticket demand was huge for this thing way back before the season started and ND was any good.  And now people are making references to the 1993 ND/FSU "Game of the Century", that, incidentally, started it all for ESPN GameDay.  ESPN will also broadcast its AM show Cold Pizza from South Bend, plus do GameDay and SportsCenter updates.  And if you didn't already know, Shelley Smith is surgically attached to the USC team all year, filing 1-3 stories a week on the team for SportsCenter.  I guess it makes sense, since they have to make the most use of that "USC Chasing History" or whatever it says graphic before all her pieces.  And then there's always the USC student writing the over-the-top stories from campus about what's happening at USC---her fellow students don't get her, obviously.  I kind of like the pieces, they're sarcastic without resorting to kittens.  If that's not enough, there's this bizarre story about two young girls auctioning off a date at the game with their mom.

HP will be there, too.  Lastly, it wouldn't be hype if we didn't mention the very powerful Heisman backdrop.  Update: BrendanLoy is also tracking the hype.  Sounds like there are swirling rumors of a Bon Jovi and/or Bruce Springsteen appearance.  And Elvis.  Not.

As for my thoughts on the game---my early guess is it doesn't live up to the hype.  But that won't bother me, it should be fun enough to watch and there's a lot of benefit to the game in having something as hyped as this fall into its lap.  Now if we can just get Penn State and Alabama to keep winning... 

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Reader Comments (1)

Wake me up when both teams are in the top 5 and play each other.
October 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterStephen Kim

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