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Week 12 weekend thoughts


West Virginia 38, Cincinnati 0

Some programs just know how to one thing and do it well.  West Virginia can run the ball.  They're a Minnesota-lite.

Fresno State 27, Boise State 7

The Bulldogs predictably trounced Boise and are now frothing for this weekend's opportunity against USC.  What's the over/under on the number of "worldbeater" references in the media this week?

Louisville 56, Rutgers 5

Brian Brohm just had one of those nights throwing the ball.  That guy could play for a handful of NFL teams right now.  Michael Bush is hurt and it may affect Louisville down the road.  For now, they're finding ways to compensate.

Pittsburgh 24, Connecticut 0

After their rough start, who would have predicted Pitt would pitch a shutout?

Clemson 35, Florida State 14

Every time Tommy's in trouble, Dad comes to town and folds.  Talent is talent, and don't I love it, but coaching matters and FSU could use a little of it.

Oklahoma 36, Texas A&M 30

The Big Twelve is a mess.  This is easily America's sorriest conference.

Minnesota 41, Michigan State 18

When people ask Notre Dame about their loss to Michigan State, I can't help but feel sorry for them and envision them having some "he's not the man I married" type reply about the Jekyl and Hyde act the Spartans have put on.

Michigan 41, Indiana 14

Nevermind, the Wolverines are ready for Ohio State.  Freshman back Kevin Grady had a nifty run through a pile of defenders for a touchdown.

Ohio State 48, Northwestern 7

Impressive dismantling of the Wildcats.  The Big Ten has had a nice resurrection job since the week three collapse.  Anyone notice Northwestern's scripted opening scoring drive?  You heard about those kinds of things here, first, many months ago.

South Carolina 30, Florida 22

I think Chris Leak's days as a starting quarterback at Florida are numbered.  Urban Meyers' last drive stall tactics signaled a complete lack of faith in the personnel operating the offense.  I remember watching USC sit on the ball in the early days of the Chow offense, as well.  They had to go out and recruit guys like Mike Williams and durable backs like Hershel Dennis and Michigan transfer Justin Fargas before things began to get better as personnel began to match the offense.  This game was 20-19 before an odd broken play where two Florida defensive backs whiffed on an easy tackle of Gamecock receiver Sidney Rice, catapulting him down the sidelines for a long gain inside the Florida five yard line.

Notre Dame 42, Navy 21

Navy tried sitting on the ball.  The Irish still scored lots of points.  Not the Irish's best day, but it's obvious they're up to something really good.

Oklahoma State 24, Texas Tech 17

See: Oklahoma/Texas A&M

Tennessee 20, Memphis 16

1998 seems so very long ago.  I wonder how good these Vols would be with Marcus Outzen at quarterback?  Memphis' great back DeAngelo Williams didn't even suit up for this game.

Nebraska 27, Kansas State 25

See: Oklahoma/Texas A&M; Oklahoma State/Texas Tech

Kentucky 48, Vanderbilt 43

Eat crow CFR!  Look, offense!  In the SEC!

Tulsa 45, East Carolina 13

I remember watching Tulsa opening week against Minnesota.  They were horrible.  I didn't think they'd win a game all year.  I don't know what happened, but this team is winning, and not just a little, but a lot.  They've now beaten North Texas 54-2, Memphis 37-31, Southern Mississippi 34-17, Rice 41-21, SMU 20-13, and East Carolina 45-13.  They almost beat UTEP (a 41-38 loss) and Houston (a 30-23 loss) and weren't far from Oklahoma in week two (a 31-15 loss that was 17-15 before a disastrous final two minutes).  Who knew?!

Miami 47, Wake Forest 17

It's a 'Cane thing.

Virginia 27, Georgia Tech 17

Regular commenter Stephen Kim explained this one well recently; a lightly regarded ranked team (#24 Georgia Tech) lost to a lightly regarded team (UVA) on the fringes of the top 25.  Happens a lot.

LSU 16, Alabama 13

Is there really a difference between these two teams?  I mean, they both play not to lose.  One's more talented.  One's less prone to mistakes.  Both aren't really going anywhere, picking off middling SEC squads having off years and prey for superiors in Auburn and Georgia.  Yes I know LSU beat Auburn.  The Tigers are taking their time but are starting to look like the SEC's best or second best squad.

Iowa 20, Wisconsin 10

Not the best way for Barry Alvarez to finish up his home coaching career at Camp Randall Stadium.

Texas 66, Kansas 14

The Longhorns are feeling pretty good about themselves right about now.  Vince Young's getting away with throwing popups, and not only are they being completed, they're going for touchdowns.  Something tells me Big Twelve secondaries may be the nation's worst.

USC 35, California 10

California turned in one of the better defensive performances I've witnessed all year.  They completely checked Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith, Dominique Byrd and masterfully contained Reggie Bush.  Matt Leinart had to keep taking what the defense gave him, and that meant an impressive effort working the intermediate passing game.  LenDale White ended up being the USC star.  Joe Ayoob melted down as bad as I've seen a quarterback this year.

Washington 38, Arizona 14

The good thing about Freshmen is they get better.  Unless they're Chris Rix.

TCU 51, UNLV 3

The Horned Frogs are on a serious roll.

Iowa State 30, Colorado 16

See all those other Big Twelve entries.

UCLA 45, Arizona State 35

Believe it or not this game slowed down after halftime.  UCLA was just a little better, benefiting from some ASU turnovers.

Auburn 31, Georgia 30

This game easily could have gone either way.  It was certainly a dramatic night, and I was entertained.  What was encouraging is that both coaches climbed out of their shells at times to take some (mostly calculated) risks and let their kids play a little.  Auburn's 4th down pass was a thing of beauty, and one of the reasons I've got some stock in Brandon Cox.  D.J. Shockley made some impressive throws too, and obviously Kenny Irons ran wild against a Georgia interior that is hemorrhaging.

Oregon 34, Washington State 31

This thing was all over the place.  Oregon cannot figure out its quarterback situation.  I kind of like Brady Leaf (believe it or not), but like any Leaf he mixes in some absolutely brilliant moments with some of the dumbest throws you've ever seen.  The uncertainty at that position is just killing Oregon's ability to really show off their potential.  Anyone catch Oregon basketball coach Ernie Kent's son, Jordan, catch that 68-yard touchdown?  The kid is raw but he can fly.  He's also a track star and Oregon's first 3-sport star in forever.  


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Reader Comments (2)

DeAngelo Williams was in full uniform, but he didn't play because he told Coach West that he didn't think he was healthy enough to start and should come in off the bench.

Tommy West thought that if you think you're well enough to play, you should be well enough to start. So he didn't play Williams.

But he was suited up. I love it how you make assumptions which are not based on actual facts.

What audacity to think that you are the "first" to discuss scripting plays at the start of games! I remember hearing Bob Davie (Bob Davie!) talking to Mark Jones about teams doing that in broadcasts three years ago. Are you taking your brilliant ideas from him?

I think I was watching an Iowa game at the time. They had scored touchdowns on 9 of 12 opening drives that year and were up 7-0 after each one. An effective method in getting a team a lead. I'm so glad I learned about it from you.
November 16, 2005 | Unregistered Commentertigerfan
I should have said did not play instead of did not suit up. My error in what terms I used to describe the situation. He still didn't play ;o).

I did not know Bob Davie was talking about that. From all that I've read, scripted drives were talked about here or HP first on the blogs. Is that audacity? I consistently talk about them, in fact.

I'm glad you caught onto them from some other source. But that source wasn't mine and that source probably hasn't mentioned them since.

Edit: Actually, I mentioned them on an older blog of mine started even farther back than a few months, more like a year and a half ago.

Regardless, NOBODY ever talks about them and they're part of the standard discourse here.
November 16, 2005 | Registered CommenterCFR

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