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Week eleven weekend thoughts

Rambling commentary delivered on-time this week.

Boise State @ Fresno State (Thursday)

This game decides the WAC champion.  The excitement is dampened because Boise State has not been the contender some (ahem, CFR) expected it would be.  Both teams have more or less crushed conference peers this season, though.  Fresno's put together a nice season and is a field goal's loss at Oregon away from being undefeated.  The easy choice is Fresno here as Boise's not home and not particularly good.

Northwestern @ Ohio State

The Buckeyes are on a major roll (since Penn State loss beat Michigan State 35-24, Indiana 41-10, Minnesota 45-31 and Illinois 40-2).  It looks like they've found a way to hide Troy Smith back there and just let him make really safe, touchdown type throws on play action.  It's working, because his passer rating is an impressive 165.1 right now.  I think the Wildcats have peaked, falling fairly easily to Michigan and almost losing to Iowa last week.  This game could resemble the NW/Penn State game where Northwestern dinks and dunks their way to a few first half scores then goes quiet for the rest of the game.  Ohio State shouldn't have a problem scoring here, as the run and pass games have found some juice against similarly soft defenses.  The Buckeyes are my choice.

Florida State @ Clemson

Bowden Bowl XXXXVIII yada yada yada.  We got it already.  Who cares?  Next.

Indiana @ Michigan

Indiana's been crushed all season by Big Ten foes.  But Michigan may be a touch distracted here in preparation for the big Ohio State tilt.  I doubt an upset has much of a shot of happening here, but Indiana's due for at least a halfway decent performance.  Think something like 27-17 Michigan.

Texas A&M @ Oklahoma

Sloppy.  I miss late afternoon score breaks interrupting whatever game to bring me Adrian Peterson highlight runs.  Wherefore art thou, Adrian?  I'm going with the Sooners.  The complete derailment of the Aggies' season is something the pundits need to be examining.

Florida @ South Carolina

Yes we all know the storyline, and it's nonsense.  Save it for when Spurrier has a contending squad.  If nothing else we at least have the hope of a few offensive fireworks from the SEC with this game, but hope is hope and I'm skeptical about the reality.

Navy @ Notre Dame


Baylor @ Missouri

Think the Bears will score some points on Saturday?  A third straight shutout would be horrific.

Memphis @ Tennessee

The Vols finally find a pond they can swim in.

USC @ California

I know Cal's problems, but until I see it happen, this thing will be a close game.  This one is potentially a great watch if the coaches are on.  Remember USC has not been at its best in front of hostile crowds this year (Oregon, Arizona State, Notre Dame) and Cal's fans are among the more rowdy you'll find if there's something to cheer for.  USC is the choice here, but it's likely another close game.

Kansas @ Texas


LSU @ Alabama

Ew.  LSU has the tools to win this one, but I think Alabama prevails again.  LSU is just such a mess sometimes they'll probably make all their own mistakes and hand this one to the tide the same way Mississippi State did last week.

Arizona State @ UCLA

If only to see whether UCLA rebounds from the Arizona loss or not.  I'll go with regular commenter Stephen and go with the Sun Devils here.

Auburn @ Georgia

Auburn's starting to find their way and Georgia's middling after a loss, a quarterback injury and some time off.  This is the recipe for a close game if you ask me.  Georgia is the better football team, but you can throw that all out the window when teams decide its time for one of those boxing "clutch maneuver" matches.  I'm going with Georgia but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised by a different outcome.

Oregon @ Washington State

I'm sorry, but its hard to have faith in Oregon's backup quarterbacks.  They're still in the first year of that new offense and now working with second and third string signal callers.  Not good when you're in a late season Pac-10 road swing.  Can Oregon score enough to keep the Cougars at bay?  I have my doubts.  CFR says Washington State wins this one.  Pullman's a bad place to be in November.


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Reader Comments (10)

Thank you for taking a swig of my maroon and gold Kool-Aid. Tasty ain't it?

All joking aside (since I take CFB seriously), ASU will win and you will look like the genius you aspire to be.
November 9, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterStephen Kim
BTW, I go with Oregon over WSU. Their defense is pretty underrated.
November 9, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterStephen Kim

Can we get some score predictions for OSU-NW and USC-Cal?
November 10, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGinnFan
Nag! ;o).


OSU 28 NW 21

USC 38 California 28
November 10, 2005 | Registered CommenterCFR
Those sound pretty good . . . for some reason though, I have a feeling that SC-Cal will NOT be that close. I'm thinking 48-21 or so.
November 10, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGinnFan
Yuck. PAC-10 losers pretending anyone cares about their conference.

Alabama vs. LSU and Auburn vs. Georgia.

Those are the big games. And look at what CFR guy does in his "Weekend Preview".


LSU beat ASU one-handed in a "home" game in Sun Devil stadium. Appachlian St. put up a better defensive effort against LSU. LOL

One more thing...

"Oregon's defense is underrated".

Lie. They suck ass. Playing a DII school and Idaho or Montana or Houston or whatever worthless"non-conference" game they played probably keeps them from being 70th in the nation in total defense.

Giving up around 30 points to Fresno State at home was pretty funny.

November 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterThe Spirit of Bill Oliver

You are right. No one cares about the national champs or the conference they play in.

Well, except for everyone in the AP poll. Oh, and the coaches poll. Hmmm I guess if we're naming off polls, gotta throw the Harris poll in there. Plus you gotta figure the BCS cares about the #1 team in its poll. Alabama needs a loss by Texas or SC to get in the title game, so all the Alabama fans probably care a little bit. Texas wants to know who they're going to play in the Rose Bowl, so all their fans probably care a little bit too. Miami has a good shot if SC loses, so all the Miami fans probably care as well. I know all the Pac-10 fans care. Oklahoma cares, as SC is slowly creeping up on their all time record winning streak. LSU fans must care as well, I mean if they beat 'Bama and SC loses, hello championship game! Not to mention Penn State fans, they could defintely sneak in there. I bet Fresno State would be pretty disapointed is SC lost and they were no longer the #1 team in the country.

So yes, I agree with you, Bill. No one outside of the media, the coaches, the BCS, the Pac-10, the ACC, the SEC, the Big-12, the Big-10, and the WAC cares about what happens to SC or the Pac-10.

So I'm with you: Don't talk about games unless the Big East cares about them! I didn't realize you were such an ardent Big East fan until now. You are a Big East fan right? Well, you pretty much have to be, because as we just established, all the other major conferences (and even some of the minor ones) have some interest in a Pac-10 game, but you have no interest in it. Because the Big East has no interest in this game, let's not talk about it.

So who do you think is going to win the WVU-USF game?
November 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGinnFan
45-35 UCLA.

'Nuff said.
November 12, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterUnderbruin

UCLA has had a great season. Drew Olson has been MUCH better than most expected. Is everybody still really high on Ben Olson as far as next year is concerned?

Sadly for the Bruins, it was 45-35, but now off to the slaugther. 9-2 isn't a bad season at all though.
November 13, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGinnFan
Heh, no kidding - though never count teams out in rivalry games. UCLA's run defense was just as weak last season (and Bush did indeed run wild on the Bruin D') and the offense was far less potent. Yet UCLA had the ball with a chance to win the game at around the 1-minute mark, and a couple of very questionable calls on what appeared to be Reggie Bush fumbles could have made the difference in the game : right before the half, it seemed Spencer Havner had ripped the ball out of Bush's hands and sprinted downfield for a TD, but it was called back and ruled 'stopped forward progress.' That certainly could have been the right call, it was very borderline. But considering the game was being played in the Rose Bowl, it seemed surprising to have a play like that go against UCLA.

But I digress. All I'm saying is that the Trojans, as dominant as they have been, certainly still have their weaknesses. This UCLA team is actually better on both sides of the ball compared to last year (well, okay, maybe just 'about as bad' on defense, as they've been terrible for the past two seasons), and the game could devolve into a shootout. I don't give the Bruins an edge, but I do give them a chance.

As for the 45-35 comment, it was simply an unfair and unneccessary shot at Stepehn, and CFR indirectly, for his willingness to pick against the Bruins. In reference to the comment: "All joking aside (since I take CFB seriously), ASU will win and you will look like the genius you aspire to be." I may or may not have been a bit drunk at the time of the posting, sooo... =P
November 13, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterUnderbruin

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