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Week fourteen weekend review


Louisiana Tech 40, Fresno State 28

Fresno put all its eggs into the "beat USC" basket, and got burned.  'Twas a noble but misguided cause, as the team now limps into postseason play.

Tulsa 44, UCF 27

In the infancy stages of this season, I wrote about how horrible Tulsa was as Minnesota kicked their butts on both sides of the ball.  Now, they're one of the better teams in their conference.  Their turnaround has been remarkable and admirable.  They have earned every win this season, having built themselves to get better after each successive game instead of selling out for a few early wins and a predictable late collapse.

Texas 70, Colorado 3

Texas has done everything it could this season to put itself in a position for the Rose Bowl.  This was the clincher.

Navy 42, Army 23

Sweet.  I love that this game matters to a lot of people who have absolutely no connection to the academies.

USC 66, UCLA 19

First time I've ever seen Matt Leinart unnerved, although it's understandable given it was his last home game.  It's a huge testament to the USC offense that its quarterback can air mail literally every pass for an entire half and still cinch a game early in the second quarter.

Georgia 34, LSU 14

This wasn't really a surprise, now, was it?  Maybe Boise should have scheduled LSU at the start of the season instead of UGA.  Joking...

West Virginia 28, South Florida 13

The Mountaineers got good a season later than expected.  They're not playing Utah in a BCS bowl like Pittsburgh had to last year, so they've got a chance.

Louisville 30, Connecticut 20

Brohm out, Bush in.  One day they'll both be healthy and the Cardinals will score 80.

Florida State 27, Virginia Tech 22

Ouch.  Here's to Marcus Vick having a productive offseason and developing into a little more of a leader.  The Hokies had finally cured their late-season swoons last year behind Bryan Randall, then returned nearly the exact same roster except for Vick.  Vick's elevated the offense but the team's gone back to its old ways.  At least they're getting spanked by Miami or Florida State instead of West Virginia.

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Reader Comments (3)

Hmmm, remember Leinart also looked mentally shakey in the ASU game. And also I thought so in parts of the ND game.
December 6, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterPaxil
Suddenly the SEC doesn't look so bad with that Arkansas (the 9th best SEC team by record) getting blown out by USC by aound 50 points. What does that say when the 3rd best PAC-10 team loses by roughly the same margin? Nothing, other than USC is really, really good on offense.
December 7, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterRuteger
we had as many points on Arkansas in the first 5 minutes than we did on ucla by halftime.
December 7, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterPaxil

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