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Why I disagree with Pete

I was asked to respond why I disagreed with CFN's Pete Fiutak on his recent Tuesday Question, and  had neglected to provide reasons.  Here is why I disagree.  Please remember I singled out the bolded segments, which we will focus on below-

  • Boise State won't beat Georgia
Yes they will.  It might be a blowout.  The only thing holding Boise back is if they don't believe they can win the game, much as Oregon State failed to inch out a win against LSU early last year.  That said, Boise is one of the most swaggering teams I've seen in recent memory.  They are running a ridiculously sound offensive scheme that Georgia will struggle to recognize, while they should have an easy time feeling out the Georgia offense.  The only thing Georgia has going for it in this game is home field (what SEC ever leaves the South for a big OOC matchup?) and various talent advantages.  For a long time I was a talent guy, believing talent solved everything.  It doesn't.  This game should open some eyes but it won't change minds necessarily.  If you read HeismanPundit the 'why' aspect of what I'm saying would make a lot more sense.

  • Louisville can blow out everyone by 59 and it won’t get any closer than Utah did last year; it doesn’t play anyone all that great
Why not?  I've talked about this before, but Louisville has a great offensive scheme, and athletes all over the field.  They're a mini-superpower right now.  Now, they may not get any closer than Utah if the voters continue to vote out of fear rather than recognition AND a host of bigger teams remain undefeated and have a public perception edge over L'ville.  But the more Petrino's boys kick tail and hang around, the less they're at a disadvantage.  The second part of Fiutak's response is just a cheap shot.  According to most CFB writers, nobody plays anybody unless its in the SEC or Big Twelve.  Hogwash.  USC's closest games last year were against Pac-10 foes.  Boise's closest games were against foes within their own conference.  Basically, talent has found a home in the bigger conferences, but great coaching is often seeded in the more disparate ones.  Coaches running sophisticated schemes are beginning to dominate the game (USC, Louisville, Boise State, California, Florida, Utah), and when that happens the talent soon arrives.

  • No one’s going unbeaten in the SEC East
Florida has a great shot at going unbeaten.  Tennessee and Georgia are more or less frauds, and the other teams are cupcakes---South Carolina, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.  Florida's real challenge is getting accustomed to their new offense.  Utah took about a season and a half to really get rolling.  USC took nearly two seasons to acclimate to their offense.  California needed a year or so under Tedford.  Luckily the SEC is much less familiar with sophisticated offenses than those other teams' conferences, and thus Florida has an advantage among its Big Six peers.

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Reader Comments (9)

Reqarding, "Why I disagree with Pete".
Specifically, Bosie State won't beat Georgia. How about some reality Mr. Resource Admin! "The only thing Georgia has going for it is home field advantage" and "What SEC team ever leaves the South for a big OOC game." How about Alabama @ Oklahoma, Auburn @ USC, Arkansas @ Texas, Tennessee @ Miami Fla, and LSU @ Arizona all in the last 2-3 years. What other conference are you comparing the SEC to for OOC schedules?

You talk about Boise's offense. Let me tell you this because, you're obviously not familiar with Georgia Football. It's all about the Defense! I'm not going to quote stats, but I would ask you to check the NFL draft of Georgia defensive players over the last (5) years. What I'm saying is that Boise State has not, played against this quality of a defense...ever!

Like you,I'm not blinded enough to realize that Boise State is a quality football team and capable of playing with most anyteam. But,to say this could be a blowout for Boise State, get real!

We're a couple of months away from kickoff. If I were you, I would find some objectivity or go buy some sauce to put on all that crow you're going to eat.

"The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end."
June 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDawgy1
all i hear is about how a team will win because of its offense. but how does the administrator, or hell anyone for that matter feel about defenses. i personally think that no matter how sophisticated your offense is, if you cant stop anyone you aint winning too many games.
July 11, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterkenneth
Most of the Big Six defenses regularly face their offenses and thus are more than capable of facing any kind of offensive design.

Whether they have the talent to hang with certain offenses is the question. Most of their defenses are of some decent design and quite important, are familiar with what lesser offensive opponents throw at them.
July 11, 2005 | Registered CommenterCFR
Nevermind the fact that UGA just set up home and homes with Colorado, Az St and is trying to get UCLA on the schedule.

Here's the better question though: Why should the SEC teams leave the South. Omit the words Auburn and 2004 for triple bonus points.
September 4, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGDawg34
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