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Pink Panty Pulldowns and Pocket Shots

Good lord do I love college football.  Especially intriguing is the game-day experience (on those weekends I'm not glued to the television at home), with all the tailgating, hob-nobbing, eating and drinking.  But sometimes the fun continues into the stadium.

Here's another excerpt from Warren St. John's RammerJammerYellowHammer, with discussion to follow:

One of the persistent problems facing students at the University of Alabama is figuring out how to smuggle booze into the stadium on game day. They are frisked at the gate and, once inside, monitored by campus police. Getting busted means being thrown out and possibly suspended-a minor threat when weighed against the punishment of missing the final quarters of a close game.

But even so, there is something about the problem of smuggling booze that miraculously imbues the most dim-witted fraternity yahoo with the design genius of a NASA engineer. The most popular solution is to rig booze-filled collapsible plastic bladders beneath the clothes. Local outdoor stores sell them to campers and survivalists---besides being useful on game day, they're apparently handy for the Armageddon.

Usually the bladders are place in the seat of the pants or else around the torse---even beneath the probing fingers of a gate attendant, they feel like genuine sophomore beer bellies. But the safest technique of all is to hide the things inside a date's brassiere, though that poses another risk---getting your date arrested. And yet given the alternative---a football game with no booze---there are plenty in the southeast corner of the end zone who are willing to try.

Whiskey is the drink of choice---it mixes well with coke, if it's mixed at all. Occasionally sorority girls will mix up a batch of drinks for themselves---a mixture of vodka, gin, and pink lemonade called a Pink Panty Pulldown. If you train your binoculars on the student section in the first quarter, you can see them reaching into their necklines for their stash.

Been there, done that.  One of the newer contraptions for funneling booze is the Pocket Shot.  See their website here.  It's basically a durable plastic package containing a single shot of various liquors.  Last year I know they had rum and vodka, but it appears they're now making some mixers (kamikaze, lemon drop, sour apple and purple hooter).  If sneaking booze into games is your kind of thing, be sure to place a few orders.

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