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1,800 hits (and counting) later...

Yesterday's entry about the Boise State/UGA matchup didn't go over well with everyone.  It appears we've been linked to on about four Georgia themed message boards, as well as a Cal Board, a Pitt Board, and a Fresno State board in the last day or so.

Judging by some of the readers' comments, most were unhappy about what we said and strongly disagree.  So be it.  Just be sure and re-read it a few times before going off the handle, it's actually a very intelligent look at the matchup.  Unfortunately, the SEC fan base's mythical parochialism rules the day once again.  We still love you, SEC fans, but you guys have to bring counter-arguments up, not just the tired "we're bigger, we're faster, we're better, we play in the SEC and that's enough" line.

There's a problem with the conventional wisdom in college football, and we're here, in part, to inject some serious differences of opinion.

For those wondering, no I haven't been at the bong lately.  You can cross that off your list of insults.

Hopefully this post inspires some Georgia fans (or other readers who simply disagree and aren't part of the mighty Bulldog fan base) to actually discuss the merits of what was written, and also offer their own intelligent, free of tired talking points, thoughtful analysis of the matchup.  Some of you tried, at least a little.  We pay much more attention to those replies than the ones where we can tell the person typing them is real-time spitting at their screen, hurling a string of invectives and expletives more creative and thoughtful than any thoughts that made their way across the internet and onto here.

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Reader Comments (6)

They'd rather troll along and go back to their echo chambers on the UGA message boards.
June 23, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterOrson Swindle
Aye, CFR, didn't realize there'd be such a maelstrom.

Anyway, the bottom line is this--Boise is not in the same class as Louisville, USC, Cal, et al. Boise is sort of like a more talented Hawaii, and as such will likely get rolled by UGA. Boise dropped considerably last year relative to their form the two years prior--a quick look at their 2004 games away from the Smurf Turf shows this:

@UTEP: 47-31 (was 41-31 before Hawkins, inexplicably, had the QB run a TD in on the last play of the game--and keep in mind this was before UTEP had any sort of self-confidence)
@Tulsa: 45-42
@San Jose St: 56-49 (2 OT)
@Nevada: 58-21

Yes, Boise only played 4 road games last year, a schedule that would make HeismanPundit oh so proud.

For the record, that's an average of 34 ppg against (not including OT), against a relatively weak slate of offenses--by which, I mean these four teams managed a total of 70 pts in 6 games against BCS opponents last season (though their production fattened up while playing WAC opposition).

Boise hasn't beaten a BCS team on the road since, well, ever--the next time they do it will be the first time they do it. They haven't even beaten any BCS teams at neutral sites, the win over Iowa State in the 2002 Humanitarian bowl being at home.

Here's the bottom line--Los Alamitos HS runs an infinitely more sophisticated offense than (e.g.) Ohio University--but they can't play with them because the talent edge is so vast. And even if they (e.g., Boise, or LAHS) could score points, you aren't considering the role of the defense in all of this. Boise's defense is not good, and won't be able to compete. I have no doubt that Boise is going to score points--they just won't score enough.

Now, if Louisville (or any of the other "gang of six") were the team UGA was playing in the opener, it might be a different story--but Boise just doesn't belong in that group.

Just my $.02.
June 23, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterSolon
Nice entry.

Best reply yet, in fact. We think the game against Louisville was a defining moment for Boise, even if it was a loss. They realized then that their stuff does work, its not some WAC wonder.

Ouch re: just 4 road games last year. That HAS to be corrected. Starting @ Georgia helps.

As for their defense, it's not great, but it also gave up those points to offenses that on balance are probably much more difficult to face than Georgia's if you can get past the intimidation factor.

We've left this part out, but we think Georgia's offense might just take care of itself in that its so vanilla and Shockley's been such a Rix out there at times.
June 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterResource Admin
I think the Cal link was to a page with the Marshawn Lynch entry, but the page had the Boise article on top.
June 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJube
Hey, Resource Admin, do you know which Georgia message boards it was posted to? I'm trying to find Mr. "Solon"

Please e-mail me at baker@mostvaluablenetwork.com
June 25, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterR. D. Baker
So UTEP, Nevada, Tulsa and San Jose St. have a better offense than Georgia, You have got to be kidding me? I'm not even sure how to address that, you throw out nonsense but have nothing to back it up, and your supposedly an expert, so lets hear it, how exactly are those offenses better than Georgia's, how is it that they impose their will on any given defense better than UGA.
June 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterNavy Dawg

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