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Steady traffic, and a few questions

Love it.

To those of you who have stopped by this week, thank you and I hope you continue to walk this way.  CollegeFootballResource.com has a lot to offer any college football fan.  Our index of college football links is unparalleled, and they're tailored to assist fans in appreciating the game.  Be sure and check them out.

We also have a built-in blog, and also a growing index of college football blogs.

If you have followed us for more than a week, you know this entry created a firestorm of sorts, here.  We had the audacity to say Boise State is more or less a better football team than Georgia, and that it would win their season-opening matchup.

Anyway, site traffic was heavy thanks to people stopping by after transcripts of the famous post hit various UGA and Boise State message boards.  But surprisingly, traffic has remained steady well after people stopped coming by via the message boards.  In other words, many of you continue to stop by of your own volition.  THANK YOU.

Need proof?

Look at the traffic the last week... June 24 was the big day at nearly 2,000 hits.  Since then, look at this steady flow of traffic---

June 25: 1397 hits
June 26: 832 hits
June 27: 925 hits
June 28: 1023 hits
June 29: 1286 hits
June 30: 842 hits (and counting)

I am curious, for any of you who have stopped by, or are regular, what do you like about Resource?  What could be better?  What links are underrepresented?  Do you have any links you could share with us that you find interesting?  Any other comments or suggestions?

Feel free to comment below or email us---


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Reader Comments (2)

Just keep on keepin' on. I think things will continue to pick up as the season draws nearer. You're doing a great job, though I can't be the only one who's wondering who you are. The lack of an identity - "Admin" - is a bit user-unfriendly.

And you must have a team you root for - have I missed it?
July 1, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterMichael

Yeah it's a bit user-unfriendly. I have my reasons, though. It's not like I'm some big shot, but having argued on probably every message board known to man about various topics, I know how CFB fans are and they tend to seek out bias or whatever, and it takes away from their ability to just dismiss an outside POV if they don't know what fan base or background you're coming from.

I'm really, really trying to be a CFB blogger here, retain a lot of neutrality.

For a hint about myself, I grew up in love with one school, born and bred booster, then ended up not even applying there, attending another school that was its rival, and had no real interest in its football program until really attending a game, picked up on the pageantry/bread and circuses aspect of it, and starting to really get curious about the overall game.

Only thing is, I'm a pariah to both fan bases and more or less black-sheeped my Dad (jokingly) from his side of the family because he failed to deliver me to the born-and-bred school.

In other words, I have an open mind about things and for others who don't know me to call it in question is a little frustrating.

One of the good things about having been involved in both fan bases was that both schools played all kinds of programs over the years, exposing me to all kinds of football, players, and coaches, as well as fans' notions about their teams and teams outside of their conference or Biosphere as HeismanPundit likes to call it.

I find it all rather interesting and in the end just love the game and all the programs' histories and prerogatives. I sound like an anti-SEC guy, but really just don't find much value in the notion that its some kind of superpower or even anything close. I'll have plenty of time on here to basically take shots at everyone. In fact, I don't like a lot of things that happen at the two programs I am probably most familiar with, and hope to shed light on that in the coming months and years. But it's also given me the perspective, having talked to a healthy dose of insiders at both and their associates at many other elite programs nationwide, that most of the troubles associated with programs are systemic---born into the college game of limited hours, high pressure job, dealing with college kids, admissions, recruiting, etc. This is reflected in my apprehension to discuss much of the day-to-day knuckleheadedness of various CFB players. I don't really care, basically that two Georgia Tech guys got arrested. For two of them that did, there are probably five who should have been. But the rest of their teammates are probably angels. That goes for every program across-the-board.

I'm getting off-topic here, but just trying to give a little more flavor for myself than what I've offered so far. Normally I truly believe in transparency, but given the nature of CFB fans, as of right now I'm hesitant to go into much further detail.

I love the game.

So as for who I am, I'm nobody, who knows a LOT of somebodies (perhaps I'm a busybody?), and has two quasi-allegiances, although they're mostly muted. I do go to some of their games, but it's not like I really gain or lose anything if they win or lose. They don't really color how I view things on here.

July 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterResource Admin

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