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Brief hiatus

Off to Sin City for a few days, one brief pause before the upcoming sprint that is college football.

I'll leave you with several things to do.

  • Punditry
Be sure and continue to stop by HeismanPundit, the best in the biz.  He'll soon be opening CollegeFootballPundit.com, sure to be a necessary stop.

If you're new to HP, read and re-read and read again the Heismandments and then check out his Preseason Top 10 Heisman candidate list to see the killer consistency.

We'll be publishing our Heisman top 10 very soon here at CFR.

  • Countdown
The 2005-2006 college football season is almost here.  We've had a running countdown on here for nearly 100 days, and its all but run its course.

Check out our "Countdown Kiss":

  • Skepticism
One of the more prominent CFB bloggers, Brian at MGoBlog got innovative and created a BlogPoll to counteract the often misguided AP, Coaches and BCS polls, pulling together disparate but seemingly informed CFB bloggers to create a weekly poll.

Well, his preseason poll is out and sadly, it looks remarkably similar to all the other preseason polls out there.  Not good.  One would presume that Louisville, Boise State, and a few other outsiders might get a deserving look at being ranked high.  Guess not.  The BlogPoll is a great idea, but it's starting off pretty poorly in my eyes.  Many many many points go to Brian though for thinking of it, organizing it, and putting the thing together.  That's a lot of work.

Hopefully the castigation of those who actually tried to make a dent with his poll ceases, otherwise it fails part of its original mission to be different from all those clonelike poll voters out there who control the polls that do count in college football.

  • Self Promotion
Be sure and peruse CFR's myriad links and blog entries whether you're new or old to us.  There's always something new for those curious about the game.  In theory the resources we have available on here should help you win quite a few college football bar bets.  We're worth the bookmark.

The entire CFB blogosphere is bristling and lined up against us right now for having the audacity to choose Boise State over UGA this year, and for not falling in line in regards to SEC worship and respect for vanillaball offenses.  Talent ain't everything, sorry.

We're also a bit peeved with a Des Moines Register columnist who went after CFB bloggers collectively in a recent article.  What, exactly did CFR say about Steve Alford?  Right...

The archives here are always fun.  Check out entries like political football and see just how red college football really is.  The blue crowd will be happy to know the championship the last two seasons has been awarded to the team from a cool blue state.

  • Other Plugs
Buy the Phil Steele college football preview magazine if you haven't, and read RammerJammerYellowHammer from CFR friend Warren St. John, who runs the FanOpticon blog.

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Reader Comments (4)

"Hopefully the castigation of those who actually tried to make a dent with his poll ceases, otherwise it fails part of its original mission to be different from all those clonelike poll voters out there who control the polls that do count in college football."

the ballot you refer to is outside the bounds of reason. A couple people put louisville really high or dropped boise in the top 10 and they didn't get called out because they didn't omit Florida (OMG SOPHISICATION) and Iowa and Florida State and just generally appear to have thrown it together without giving it a moment's thought.
August 23, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterBrian
I think that all you pac 10 people have collectively convinced yourselves of what you wished were true but, no one else with any semblance of knowledge of college football believes a ounce of it.
August 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDawgy1
By the way CFR, don't place any bets on college football while you're in Sin City. Hate to see your kids do without food this fall.
August 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDawgy1
Don't be painting all SEC fans with a red brush... also, lest you forget, your (presumably) home state has Arnold as the Governator... and it is mostly the SoCal crowd that is responsible.

Also, we ranked Boise over Georgia in our submission to the blog poll and I do think their success is do to their scheme, because talent wise they couldn't compete with most of the teams in the BCS conferences. However, I still think Georgia will win that game because it is at home and in the sweltering summer heat (complete with 99% humidity no doubt) and there is a talent gap there. They will ultimately rise in the polls though as they will have a good showing for the first half and possibly whole game with UGA and then go on to beat up their in-conference opponents.
August 25, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterStranko Montana

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