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Four weeks in, what's up with the SEC


  • Florida-Their offense is a shell of what it will be, yet they snuck out a win against Tennessee and then crushed Kentucky.  Alabama is next.  CFR thought they'd be the class of the SEC, and so far it's looking that way.  Next up: Alabama.
  • Georgia-That win over Boise is starting to look a little odd, given the less-than-dominant wins over doormats South Carolina (17-15) and Mississippi State (23-10).  It's still early, and we saw the offense look ridiculously inventive and vibrant over Boise, but this team might be in a funk.  Obviously the defense looks fine, but they can move from Ohio State close win goodness to USC styled greatness by treating inferior foes as such.  Get at it, Dawgs!  Next up: Tennessee (October 8).
  • Auburn-The SEC savvy comment board folks here sniff these Tigers out as the paper variety.  Perhaps.  It looks like the running game is coming around after a dance through cupcake land (Mississippi State, Ball State, Western Kentucky).  Losing NFL draft stars and a big-name DC hurts, but its not like the cupboards are bare or the system itself has changed much on either side of the ball.  Brandon Cox is probably a better QB than Jason Campbell, anyway.  Heck, his backup Blake Field managed to breeze through Western Kentucky.  Games against South Carolina and Arkansas should provide more fodder before heading to Baton Rouge on October 22.


  • Tennessee-Their defense is alright, but when a collective coaching staff cannot figure out Rick Clausen is by far the best quarterback on the roster, a team has major issues.  The Vols might have actually upset Florida last weekend if their quarterback had a different last name.  Yesterday's win was nice, if terrible to watch.  Next up: Mississippi.
  • LSU-The win over Arizona State was an upset, pure and simple.  The SunDevils bludgeoned their defense, treating the Tigers like they were the Northwestern Wildcats.  Even Tennessee's creaky offense found its way to 24 points against them in Baton Rouge!  I'm still laughing at Les Miles' timeout strategy on change of possessions.  Zoinks.  Next up: At Mississippi State.
  • Alabama-Sorry, Warren.  This is a team coached by Mike Shula we're talking about here.  For whatever reason, this team more than any other engages in SEC mud ball, slowing the pace of games down to a cool 30 beats per minute.  They're quite skilled at suckering opponents into playing their way, a la Mike Fratello's slow-down Cleveland Cavaliers squads.  Problem is, that's not how elite teams operate (Ohio State 2002 aberration aside).  Arkansas almost beat them last weekend, Florida's likely to finish the job this time around.

Target Practice:

  • Vanderbilt-Nice story.  They've had better defensive squads over the years, but its when their offense emerges that they gain some respectability.  Funny how that works.  They have a good QB, which gives them hope, but its not like Bobby Johnson is Gary Barnette, or even Randy Walker.
  • Kentucky-Rich Brooks is on the way out, Kitten's clothes are staying on.
  • South Carolina-I'd throw my visor, too.
  • Mississippi-Maybe next year.
  • Mississippi State-Remember the goat they put in the T-Rex cage in Jurassic Park?  Yeah...
  • Arkansas-Houston Nutt, meet Rich Brooks.  Rich Brooks, meet Houston Nutt.  This conference isn't very hospitable to outsiders (well, sans Steve Spurrier I and Urban Meyer).

In summary:

It looks like we have 2-3 teams who look really good (although Georgia has to shake its doldrums), another 2-4 big name schools hanging on by reputation (although fairly competitive, they're not top 10 powerhouses this year) and a slew of modest to quite bad teams.

Kind of looks like every other BCS conference out there---a little good, some bad, and a lot of ugly.

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Reader Comments (4)

UGA came out firing...and then they seemed to have fizzled. Did they peak already...or are they playing up to their opponents potential?

I'm a big fan of DJ Shockley...I just wish Richt would use him properly.

boy is CFR going to be eating a large portion of Crow if bama beats the CFR darling, Florida.
September 27, 2005 | Unregistered Commentercsc
1) Les Miles had better rent not buy, he had that "deer in the headlights" look the whole game. With the athletes LSU has Saban would have won that game going away. Their defense looks bad because of coaching, pure and simple.

2) Florida will lose (3) games.

3) Miss. State will pull another upset or two this year. They're dangerous in Starkvegas.

4) For what ever reason, Georgia does seem to play to the level of their competition? It usually catches up with them at least once a year.

5) What Tennesse does is play rough and tough football. If a game comes down to who's the toughest, they usually win in spite of their coaching and execution.

6) Auburn???????

7) Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, inexcusably BAD!
September 27, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDawgy1
bama sucks, they wont be beating anyone worth mentioning.
September 27, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterShibby
Nice call on Bama Shibby, have you changed your mind?

My point no. 2 above....that's 1!
October 3, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterDawgy1

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