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---The end for Chief Illiniwek?

Say it ain't so.

---The problems with the Big 12

And by extrapolation, other megaconferences.  Listen to Bob Stoops (for once).  Round-robin is the way to go, folks.  And eliminate the silly championship games.  Make it happen.

---Brackets?  You're talking about Brackets!  Brackets!

Practice is important.  Brackets are a joke.

---From last week but still funny: Auburn/UGA pissing contest

No further comment.

---Thaaaaaanks for the update, ten months too late

All is forgiveable, just don't mess up next time, guys.  Besides, calls tend to even out over a game.  There was no doubt in my mind Texas would have gotten a touchdown on that drive whether or not Young had pitched the ball.

The Bush pitch non-review was odd, but in the heat of the moment nobody else was talking about it, either (kind of like the Bush Push against Notre Dame where suddenly everyone's a revisionist and saying he broke a rule that's never been called).

What really bothered me about the replay review in that game was Jamaal Charles non-fumble fumble in the fourth quarter.  That play was reviewed and by my eyes was a catch and then a fumble that USC recovered.  It was funny because at the game they were showing the replay a million times and the entire Texas side had gone silent, knowing that was ballgame.  With USC up eight and ball in Texas' side of the field and turnover momentum it's good night if ruled a fumble.  But the replay guys couldn't overrule the on-field call of incomplete pass.  The game swiftly changed after that.


"We are sorry we missed you at the USC game".  Funny, considering the USC game was a home game.

---A look back to the 1956 Heisman

Chip does good work with these entries for HP. 

---Rough year for Erin Andrews

ESPN still hasn't explained that whole "poopsie" thing.

---College Football Tour Guide

Fun stuff, mostly in Pac-10 country right now.

ASU, Cal, USC, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon

---Old, but I hadn't mentioned it yet


---"Stay safe, kids"


---Tennessee back LaMarcus Coker to start

Hooray.  Too many plodders in Tennesee's backfield, get the speed guy in.

---Miami's Kyle Wright out for the year

All-world out of high school, and a disappointment since.  He's like a likeable Jeff George.

---The latest from the Chick-fil-A Bowl folks

They'll be watching seven games this weekend.  Things are still very much up in the air.

---This week's CSTV Heisman Watch

Complete with slide show.

---Coaches get paid a lot

Big series of articles by USA TodayTalk about it.

---The Terrapins Formula

Smart math by Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen.

---No surprise

Not everything you throw against the wall is going to stick.

---Biletnikoff Award finalists

Calvin Johnson, Jeff Samardzija and... Jarrett Dillard?

---Last night's game

White and Slaton went bananas.  It was great, like something out of a video game.  Both are nursing injuries but toughed things out and made big plays on a slippery field.

---Boise State back Ian Johnson's out of the hospital

That's encouraging.

---Nagurski Award Finalists

Gaines Adams, Leon Hall, James Laurinaitis, Reggie Nelson, Patrick Willis

---Bo's Gone

Couldn't hang on another day, sadly.

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The Chief's dance was **last** saturday.
November 17, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKevin @ Fanblogs.com
Yeh I was a little late on posting this.
November 17, 2006 | Registered CommenterCFR

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