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---They still hate Bob Toledo at UCLA (read the thread)


Win + Scandal (Toledo) = Throw The Guy Out

Lose + No Scandal (Dorrell) = Throw The Guy Out

And you wonder why they have trouble hiring winning football coaches?

Look at all the game's best coaches---Pete Carroll, Jim Tressel, Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, all their programs have had unsavory things associated with them.  But they're also the game's most successful coaches.

---Sweet concept: Equilibrium Theory

I'll have to dig a little deeper into that soon.

---No duh headline of the day

I guess special teams was nowhere to be found.

---Hooray for even numbers

Western Kentucky to join D-IA in 2007, claim full eligibility in 2009 as a member of the Sun Belt Conference.

Now Georgia can schedule them with a little less egg on their face.

---Lots of quotes about Florida State coach Bobby Bowden

There's this slow, steady drumbeat about him this year.  One would have to think he's still popular enough to choose the date and time of his departure, but maybe there's something more behind the scenes going on?

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Reader Comments (5)

Nice dig at Georgia about WKU.

They're definitely a proper target, especially when

A) Georgia has scheduled fewer 1-AA opponents over the last decade than Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Miami (FL), West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Maryland, Virginia, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Oklahoma State, NC State, Indiana, Baylor, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State, Kansas, Cincinnati, UConn, Duke, Pitt, Rutgers, Vandy, Wake Forest...

and just as many as Washington State, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, LSU, Texas A&M, Illinois, Missouri...

and I'm sure many more (I just briefly went through the BCS conferences), putting UGA at about average in terms of scheduling 1-AA opponents.

B) The only reason why WKU was on Georgia's schedule was an agreement between the athletic departments over Georgia's hiring of Dennis Felton as basketball coach away from WKU.


C) Georgia has played Western Kentucky exactly once in it's entire history. (c/f to Auburn or Kansas State, who have each played them twice in the last 4 years).

So yeah. Good thing WKU is becoming 1-A, so Georgia can continue its bitter, longtime rivalry with the Hilltoppers without all that egg on their faces.

November 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLD
A profound rebuttal. Nicely done.
November 3, 2006 | Registered CommenterCFR
Is asking for a coach that can be relatively successful on the field and not get involved in scandels off the field really unreasonable? It's not like its never been done before.
November 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterGK
Just for further clarification...

I don't think it's good for teams to schedule 1-AA opponents. And I also think that mere numbers of scheduled 1-AA opponents doesn't go far enough to determine how difficult or easy a schedule is (i.e., you can play a pathetic schedule without scheduling 1-AA opponents - such as Alabama this year playing FIU, La-Monroe and Duke: all terrible, all 1-A).

I do think Georgia should schedule quality opponents more than they already do.

I just took issue with them getting singled out, when I don't think UGA is any worse at taking advantage of scheduling 1-AA opponents than a lot of other teams.

This year, something like 70+ teams have a 1-AA team on the schedule (mainly due to the added 12th game becoming a reality just 18 months prior to the season starting). And more 1-AA teams are beating 1-A teams this year than ever (Duke, Colorado, Northwestern, Indiana, Ball State, New Mexico, and San Diego State have all lost; South Carolina, North Carolina, Minnesota, UCF, and Maryland have had close calls).

Basically, I don't think good programs should make too much of a habit of scheduling either, but I don't see all that much of a difference between scheduling the likes of Temple, Buffalo, Louisiana-Monroe or Utah State or scheduling 1-AA playoff teams like New Hampshire, Montana, Appalachian State, Northern Iowa or Texas State. Neither set is going to be a struggle for a good 1-A team. Both sets are going to be at least a bit of a struggle for a bad 1-A team.
November 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLD
UCLA is still paying off Bob Toledo's contract. The idea that they might fire Karl Dorrell this year is ridiculous. After going 10-2 last year he is as safe as can be this year. He won't be fired even if the team does not win another game all year. If he does not win with a veteran team next year he would be in trouble. But most likely UCLA will rebound to another good season (for them) and win 9 games or so.
November 3, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterphil

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