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Only the Blogworld Would Attempt This

Captain Cranky MGoBlog goes Nietzsche on the Heisman.

I was recently reviewing some literature on last year's Heisman and came across something interesting said by USC coach Pete Carroll.  I've noticed over the years that despite three Heisman trophies Carroll has had little input on the process and has abstained from any real campaigning.  But afterwards he's quick to celebrate the thing.

Anyway, his take was something along the lines of that the award "singles out a particular player for that season" and that he's felt honored to have had his guys singled out in those three particular seasons.

Maybe that's what the award, in a very indirect way, is about.  At least that's how many of its choices can be viewed upon reflection.  It doesn't always go to the best guy (Weinke? White?) but it does go to a well-regarded college football player, someone that a group of voters was comfortable with as being their representative for the greatest individual award in all of sports.

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