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More Bush Items

1)The Houston Texans have signed a contract with North Carolina State DE Mario Williams, effectively making him the #1 selection in Saturday's NFL draft. Who knows where Bush goes...

2)Another Yahoo! Sports story: Bush allegations now date back to November of 2004.

Reggie Bush is now clearly implicated in this story, as a knowing witness to the business deal between his father LaMar Griffin and the New Era group.

[Landlord Michael] Michaels' claims, which he has promised will be backed up by corroborating evidence, moves the timeline of Bush's potential ineligibility back to the Trojans' 2004 undefeated BCS national championship season.

In a statement released to Yahoo! Sports on Friday, Michaels' attorney, Brian Watkins, said that in October 2004 Michaels was approached at a San Diego Chargers football game by Bush's stepfather LaMar Griffin about investing and partnering in New Era Sports & Entertainment, a new sports agency.

In November 2004, Michaels then met with Griffin, longtime Bush friend Lloyd Lake and Bush himself to discuss the plan where the USC running back would be the firm's central client when he turned pro in the spring of 2006.

"In November 2004, in San Diego, Reggie Bush, recruited by his stepfather to validate Mr. Griffin's company, convinced [Michaels and Lake] of its viability," Watkins said in the statement.

"There was the representation that Reggie would come with his stepfather," Watkins told Yahoo! Sports on Friday. "Reggie ratified that."

Michaels said that soon thereafter Griffin asked him to pay off $28,000 of Griffin's personal debt, which Michaels obliged.

BCS officials are now considering whether to vacate USC's 2004 BCS national championship if Bush is found to have been ineligible for any part of that season.

BCS officials told Yahoo! Sports on Friday that if Bush is ruled ineligible by either the Pacific 10 Conference or the NCAA for even one game during the 2004 season, the BCS will discuss amending its rules to allow it to force the Trojans to vacate the national championship.

At this point I don't know what to say.

Allegations are allegations and we need to treat them as such until investigations occur and Reggie Bush and his parents the Griffins attempt some kind of rebuttal, but this is pretty damning.

Bush's link to the NCAA violation allegations is now more concrete.

What's surprising is that the USC Athletic Department has yet to be linked to this in any serious manner aside from an anonymous/sourceless allegation made by ProFootballTalk.com that USC players knew something was wrong and therefore the USC coaches should somehow have known and reported a possible violation to the NCAA.

We'll see if that allegation goes anywhere.

This week is perhaps the worst week in USC athletics history.

The Bush housing allegations began on Sunday night when the Yahoo! Sports piece was first published.  Monday is the height of the news cycle so this story was certain to get played all week.  Then, various allegations and facts about the story have continued to flow from the various media enterprises throughout the week, peaking with today's allegation that Bush may have been ineligible as early as November of 2004.

Combine the Bush housing scandal with Wednesday's sexual assault allegation and arrest of backup quarterback Mark Sanchez, today's news that Bush will not be chosen #1 in the NFL draft as had been anticipated for months and tonight's ESPNClassic's re-airing of the 2006 Rose Bowl loss to Texas, and the USC community cannot be feeling any worse about itself.

This week has been so bad for USC, even some of USC's bitter rivals are sounding almost sympathetic given the string of events.


Mercifully, the weekend and the NFL Draft are upon us, giving USC but a brief respite in the crazy news cycle before things heat up again on Monday.


Yahoo! Sports is also reporting that agent David Caravantes---alleged to be a member of the New Era group and also alleged to have threatened to extort Reggie Bush and the Griffin family---says he has nothing to do with Reggie Bush:

David Caravantes told The Associated Press on Friday that he is unaware of the investigation, adding: "I have had no involvement with Reggie Bush. The truth will come out."

Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFLPA, confirmed Friday that the probe of Caravantes has begun...

..."I wasn't even aware of the money asked of the Bush family until yesterday," Caravantes said. "They (New Era) recruited me."

Stay tuned...

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Reader Comments (3)

If USC is forced to give up their title, then who becomes the national champion? I know people would say Auburn, but I would have to go with Oklahoma. They played for, and lost. But, you take away the loss, then it stands to reason that they won. Therefore they end the season undefeated and on top of the polls.
April 28, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterPatrick
Oklahoma was the BCS runner-up and played in the BCS national championship game and would be awarded the BCS title.
April 29, 2006 | Registered CommenterCFR
Oklahoma should be credited the national championship
September 15, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAsh

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