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Around The Blogs

Time to take a little stroll around the CFB blog community, comment on a few things.

This will have an ACC flavor as I look through the various ACC blogs listed on here. 

---HP pens a beautiful paean to Florida State coach Bobby Bowden.

[A]s he winds down his career, it should always be remembered how he got there. He turned a moribund program into a national power by going balls-out against the best programs in the country on their home turf. He didn't pad his record by scheduling the Little Sisters of the Poor. He went against the elites and, more often than not, ended up shocking the college football world.

He truly is one of the all-time greats.

Oh, and he also saves entry No. 1000 in his career to send a link my way.  Good guy, that HP.

---MGoBlog continues its series of great Big Ten previews with... Illinois.  It's a fine preview, though.  Really.  There's also Penn State or Michigan State if you're interested in teams with a pulse.

---Over at the unhinged BruinsNation, there's an interview with Los Angeles Daily News beat writer Brian Dohn.

Dohn's clearly a realistic guy and has an interesting point of view---he believes coaches need at least six years before they can be fairly judged on their performance, for example.  But I quibble with his sentiment about blogs:

To be honest, I don’t like the concept of blogs as it relates to covering a beat. My feeling is, if it’s not important enough to put in the paper, it’s not important enough to include in a blog. The way I see it, blogs are another way of writing rumors. I don’t deal in rumors. I deal in fact. I don’t print rumors. And I also don’t think it is anyone’s business whom is dating whom, or which player hosted the best weekend party.

Most members of the traditional media get a bit robotic at times, with canned, time-tested responses to new media challenges.  Dohn sadly falls into that category.  He is correct to strive for fact in his reporting, however his "example" of what the blogs are talking about is outrageous.  Which "player hosted the best weekend party"?  I have yet to see that type of information on a single college football blog.

The problem with beats is that a lot of important information doesn't make the papers.  The writers have deadlines and space limitations that often conflict with providing a more detailed entry.  Both Dohn and his colleague at the Daily News Scott Wolf know far more relevant information about their respective programs than ever hits the presses.  Don't be fooled.

I think he's also taking a not-so-veiled dig at the Hollywood image of USC and gossipy colleague Scott Wolf.  That's funny, but it's also telling that the blog-crazy Daily News has a blog carved out for USC, but has yet to assemble its UCLA blog, allowing its beat guy to blog about his marathon training experience.  Apparently that's more interesting and relevant to the Daily News' readers than UCLA football and basketball tidbits.

What does that say about UCLA's fan base, though?

---Peter at Burnt Orange Nation puts on his goody two shoes to try and single out the recruiting practices at rival Texas A&M.  Although most teams agree to the Gentleman's Agreement, not all bloggers do.  Just a warning---that's not a fight you want to engage in.  The Aggies are a mess, but they have plenty of dirt on Texas.  For the most part they keep their lips sealed, Honor Code and all.  But that can change.

Also, Peter takes a stab at preseason rankings and asks:

Should we be thinking about strength of schedule yet? Or just ranking the ten 'best' teams (as we see it)?


As I've stressed on here many times before, rankings should be about who is best.  Then whoever's next best, put them next.  And so on.  Theoretically Louisville could go 12-0 and the next closest record could be a 10-2 Ohio State team, but if Louisville is not, in fact, the best team---they shouldn't be ranked No. 1, period.

Strength of schedule is discussed on here not as a means to determine who "deserves" to be ranked higher between teams with similar records, but to bring to light that not everyone gets to their records the same way.  Additionally, it's far easier to judge a team that's faced a handful of good opponents (win or lose) than one that hasn't.  The better the information available to make judgments on teams, the more accurate rankings will become as fans and voters are aware of each team's aptitude when facing a multitude of challenging opponents.

---Blue-Gray Sky is enjoying Notre Dame's media saturation period.  Of course they're now going to have to reverse course and begin defending the Irish media image after criticizing USC for similar saturation the last few years.  Hopefully they'll catch the irony and rather just enjoy the process of being in the limelight.

ACC Blogs 

---Marcus at Atlantic Coast Chronicles is writing the early obituary for Virginia coach Al Groh.  I think the writing was on the wall when several players left the program and immediately vented to the Virginia papers about the Groh regime.  That's the sign of a poisonous atmosphere within the program.

---Fun.  Here's a link to a downloadable (Microsoft Excel) ACC sports helmet schedule.

---The Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly says its about PT and the NFL with Willie Williams.  He simply won't get it at Miami as he is buried behind some very good linebackers.

---StateFans Nation really doesn't like former North Carolina coach Carl Torbush.  There's a nice photoshop if you click the link.

---Section Six has been alllll over the NCAA "Diploma Mill" story.  Nice work.

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Reader Comments (4)


Newest addition to the SBNetwork, and all about USC. You might want to add it to your links section, if its not already there.
July 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterUSCLink
Recently I received a comment on Pitch Right from someone claiming to be from the AOL Sports Network. They said they were trying to build up an AOL College Football Blog that would take feeds from numerous other blogs, and said they were interested in having Pitch Right aboard. Since you seem to know what's going on in the blogsphere, I thought I'd ask you if you knew anything about it or if anyone else has received a similar message.

Muchos Gracias,
Mr. A
July 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAdam

It'll be in my next batch of "New Blogs" :o).


In fact, I talked to HP today and it sounds like he got something similar, from Jamie Mottram (Sports Bloggers Live). I'd definitely get involved with that if possible, great way to reach a very wide (AOL) audience! I guess they're either doing feeds or content from the various bloggers.
July 12, 2006 | Registered CommenterCFR

Link beat me to it.

CFR, this is my new blog on SB nation. The old one was Cardinal and Gold.


July 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterParagon SC

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