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Saturday Night's Alright For A Fight

Big East, ACC do that dance

Apparently the ACC and Big East both added/lost teams today.  Here's a good look at the mascots in an image provided by Boston College blogger Eagle in Atlanta-



Clemson for a Day

Here's a pretty cool link about a day in the life of Clemson football from the writers, editors, photographers and any other assistance that could be found at the Greenville Times.  Nice feature!

This is the beauty of college football, and for once the media associated with a particular team do it a little justice, giving life to all the fans, officials, players, support groups, vendors... everything.

Tradition matters and it's what makes the game unique.


Uuuuuuuuugly smack-down

We still love the Gamecocks, but dang... this link kind of puts the school's historical football performance in perspective-

This is South Carolina Football

The link is from a Clemson bloggers' website.

Resource favorite part:

And no one should forget the fact that Carolina went two consecutive seasons without winning one conference game, not one (1998 and 1999). Carolina had an impressive string of 21 consecutive games with a loss snapped in 2000 by beating New Mexico State (then let the rest of the country know what Carolina football was all about by tearing down the goal-posts).

Methinks that South Carolina/Clemson rivalry is pretty heated.  The fight/melee last year is a good starting point.


New links, Saturday edition

In theory the entire purpose of CollegeFootballResource.com is to gather and efficiently organize and categorize college football links, so as to gather in one place the collective power of college football's presence on the internet.  Obviously, we do a little more because that's where our passion takes us, but in the meantime, it might be smart to hold up to our end of the bargain on the most basic and fundamental purposes here.

PS-We've added a new link category, "grab bag" to help us put some links out there that may not be so easily categorizeable or that would clutter the existing setup.  For example, there are about a million Nebraska and Alabama websites made by the programs' fans.  Most of them are outdated, or old, or whatever.  But if I start some new link page with important links to such programs, I'm not going to list all 3,000 Nebraska websites I've run across, instead option for maybe the local paper, the official website, and any prominent message board/recruiting websites.  Everything else is probably destined for the grab bag.

What's neat about grab bags is that they're full of goodies if you're looking for something in particular.  So maybe the official Nebraska website doesn't have information on some team in the 1970's, but hey, Joe Fan has a section within his own site about that team.  Bingo!

So we'll work on building that up, too.

Onto the links-

More to come soon...


Errors, already

In perusing the list of blogs on the aforementioned CFB blog community at TTLB/NZBear, it appears I have neglected at least one major CFB blog, FanBlogs.com.  The reason for this is that in going through my team specific CFB blogs listing, I forgot to check out the more generic CFB blogs listing and add those to the tracker.  Big oops.  What that also means is that by not listing FanBlogs, we've also neglected many other blogs that are within the generic CFB blogs link category.

We'll be more inclusive next month, promise!


More CFB blog synergy

The ball is rollin'.

Fresh off CFR's fun but tedious idea to track any/all college football blogs' rankings in the NZBear blog rankings at the top of each month, Brian from mgoblog takes it one step further and creates a CFB community page at NZBear.

We highly recommend you bookmark that page.  It's useful because it lists a decent handful of college football blogs, and also shows recent posts from any blogs listed in there. It might get annoying at times as some of the bloggers are crossover, such as wildly popular BoiFromTroy who for every one CFB post, has 20 others about things not college football.  You'll just have to do your best to separate the wheat from the chaff, or maybe you'll grab onto some of the other topics posted.  ParadigmBlog and StraightBangin' have interesting takes on politics, for example.

From now on I'll try listing any CFB blogs that I add to my links database in a post, so that Brian from mgoblog can add those to the community page, since he now runs it.  Great idea and effort on his part, though, and we love the Desmond Howard picture, even if it's not a very universal, harmonious, catch-all college football picture to represent the group.  But hey, it's his page!

As for the rankings, that page doesn't appear to show the ecosystem rankings of the blogs already added to it, so I will continue to track them as promised, unless I get super-lazy.

Nice job, Brian.


Heisman Blogging to return next Friday

Not a whole lot going on and HeismanPundit took an interesting but forgiven departure this week.

I really want to get into who I would have voted for in last year's Heisman race, and why.  Hopefully that's coming up next Friday.


It's the first of the mooooonnnntttthhhhhh

New feature, and I think a good one.

At the beginning of each month, we'll list some of the prominent CFB bloggers' status on a blog tracker called NZBear.  It watches blogs and ranks them by traffic or referrers, we're not sure exactly, but a lot of the more prominent bloggers point to it.

Anyway, if you want to get listed on next month's ranking feature, 1)register your blog here so NZBear can begin tracking you, and also add its code to your blog somewhere 2)let us know you want to be on next month's rankings list.

This should be fun, we can watch how much these college football blogs grow during the season.  I think college football blogging is a major growth industry of sorts on the internet/blogosphere.  Join the fun!

  • Yours Truly, CollegeFootballResource.com: #6868
The rest of the list follows, keep in mind many of these blogs are crossover blogs and may only lightly touch on college football and their teams.  That said, any reference to a college football team is a good reference and tends to permit that blog to be added to our blog links section.

  • Blog---Affiliation---NZBear ecosystem rank (Blogs in bold we regularly read or converse with and consider them some of the more prominent college football blogs we've found)
  1. BoiFromTroy-USC-741
  2. Tigerhawk-Iowa?-1036
  3. Beldarblog-Texas-2205
  4. What's Bruin-UCLA-4294
  5. Catholic Packers Fan-Notre Dame-4412
  6. Illinipundit-Illinois-4771
  7. HeismanPundit-HeismanTrophy/USC-4974
  8. BrendanLoy-USC & Notre Dame-5186
  9. EveryDayShouldBeSaturday-Florida-5229
  10. MGoBlog-Michigan-5230
  11. CollegeFootballResource-CFB!-6868
  12. BuckeyePundit-Ohio State-7012
  13. ThisGuyFallsDown-Georgia Tech-7495
  14. The Sporting Life-Auburn-8574
  15. ParadigmBlog-Michigan-10921
  16. ClemsonTigersSportsNews-Clemson-11040
  17. BuffsLaw-Colorado-11372
  18. KankaSports-Notre Dame-13308
  19. Rob In Madtown-Michigan-13420
  20. FireKarlDorrell(now defunct)-UCLA-17840
  21. Buffs.TV-Colorado-23719
My apologies if your blog is not on here, as I probably could not locate it in the NZBear database.  If I am in error and your blog is located on there and you want it listed here, or for another month, please feel free to email me.

And if your blog is not located on there, their software understandably cannot locate every blog on the internet.  I highly recomment adding your blog to their list with the link provided above.  It is free and requires no registration or signup, only that you add the URL.

I look forward to many more of you being added next month and tracking how these blogs move upwards in the ecosystem rankings.



Quarterback elitists

Mike over at BlueGraySky has an interesting and well-researched piece about how the Elite 11 quarterbacks have fared over the years (titled 'Top Guns')  For those scratching their heads, the Elite 11 is a quarterback camp out in California that brings together 11 of the nation's best prep quarterbacks.

It's kind of a 'who's who' event for the high school passers and recruitniks.

As you can see from the piece, the Elite 11 quarterbacks collegiate outcomes have been a mixed bag.

Yes, 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart was an Elite 11 quarterback, but so was well-traveled John Rattay.

Here is a list of this year's Elite 11 campers-

Zach Frazer, Cody Hawkins, Isiah Williams, Neil Caudle, Pat Devlin, Mitch Mustain, Jake Locker, Kevin Riley, Josh Freeman, Jevan Snead, Matthew Stafford and Tim Tebow.

Yes, that list has 12 quarterbacks.


Steady traffic, and a few questions

Love it.

To those of you who have stopped by this week, thank you and I hope you continue to walk this way.  CollegeFootballResource.com has a lot to offer any college football fan.  Our index of college football links is unparalleled, and they're tailored to assist fans in appreciating the game.  Be sure and check them out.

We also have a built-in blog, and also a growing index of college football blogs.

If you have followed us for more than a week, you know this entry created a firestorm of sorts, here.  We had the audacity to say Boise State is more or less a better football team than Georgia, and that it would win their season-opening matchup.

Anyway, site traffic was heavy thanks to people stopping by after transcripts of the famous post hit various UGA and Boise State message boards.  But surprisingly, traffic has remained steady well after people stopped coming by via the message boards.  In other words, many of you continue to stop by of your own volition.  THANK YOU.

Need proof?

Look at the traffic the last week... June 24 was the big day at nearly 2,000 hits.  Since then, look at this steady flow of traffic---

June 25: 1397 hits
June 26: 832 hits
June 27: 925 hits
June 28: 1023 hits
June 29: 1286 hits
June 30: 842 hits (and counting)

I am curious, for any of you who have stopped by, or are regular, what do you like about Resource?  What could be better?  What links are underrepresented?  Do you have any links you could share with us that you find interesting?  Any other comments or suggestions?

Feel free to comment below or email us---



How to schedule OOC games, 101

Check out this piece about Big Six member Utah's future OOC schedulemaking.

The Utes (Ute?  What's a Ute?~My Cousin Vinny) have added Big Six colleague member Louisville for two games in 2007 (road) and 2009 (home), and also Pac-10 contender Oregon for two in 2009 (road) and 2011 (home).

Imagine that, scheduling two BCS conference teams, one a top 10 squad and another a team that has been in the top 10 and won its conference within the last five seasons.  This really shouldn't be considered courageous, but compared to many college football teams and their pathetic scheduling gimmicks, this is something to behold.

Additionally, Utah is talking to Texas about a game down the road.



Check out Louisville's offensive output its last 6 and 9 games of last year-

  • 44 points vs Boise State
  • 55 points at Tulane
  • 70 points vs Cincinnati
  • 65 points at Houston
  • 55 points vs TCU
  • 56 points at Memphis
For the last 6 games, and the 3 previous before that ridiculous run are as follows:

  • 41 points vs South Florida
  • 41 points at Miami
  • 59 points vs East Carolina
And, holding with our soon-to-arrive "Battleship" theory/analogy/concept...

Louisville's first three games were relatively low-scoring compared to their great run to finish the season:

  • 28 points vs Kentucky
  • 52 points at Army
  • 34 points at North Carolina
For those keeping score at home, Louisville scored...

0-30 points: 1 time
30-40 points: 1 time
40-50 points: 3 times
50-60 points: 5 times
60-70 points: 2 times (high: 70)

Season scoring average: 50.0 PPG

Those final six games were truly remarkable, at 57.5 PPG.

Argue what you want about their level of competition, but even the most high-octane teams don't put together that kind of scoring offense, no matter who the combination of opponent.

This year Louisville's schedule takes a step up, and their scoring in theory should go down, especially with a gifted but first-time starting quarterback in Brian Brohm.  That said, they should once again be amongst the NCAA's best offenses this year and are just plain fun to watch.

Too bad Auburn never let Bobby Petrino have more fun... they might have actually retained him as OC for another season, bypassing that embarrassing home opening shutout against USC and very likely facing the Trojans in last year's Orange Bowl for what would have been a much more interesting championship.


Marshawn Lynch video, and what you won't see in the SEC

Here are links to some Marshawn Lynch videos I just found

Comment: Ridiculous.  Good God did that DB ever get 'shook.

Comment: Have you seen an SEC team do that... EVER?  This hits a little at what HP is talking about with teams making regular use of their backs as receivers, to the point where the backs are capable not just in the flats but all over the field (see: Bush, Reggie; Drew, Maurice; Bush, Michael).  Cals' a Big Six member.

Comment: Nice burst there.  Finds his lane, bursts through the initial defense, makes one quick move and is off.

Comment: He can pass a little.

There's just no way this guy doesn't reach at least 2,000 yards this year, if not explode past that mark.



We were just emailed a new website called gamedayisnow, apparently it's a companion site to a radio show.

We'll add them to our links very soon.  As always, feel free to send us links you think would fit into what Resource is about, mostly college football.

Thank you also, to all those of you who have sent us links.  We are grateful.


Nothing to see, move along

For some shallow and facile commentary on the recent blogstorm/brouhaha about Boise State/Georgia, Sophistication, self-loathing and the ESS EEE CEEE, be sure and take some time to read HeismanPundit's work today---here, here, here and here.

The big thing is HP fleshes out the Big Six and Sophistication a little more.  We like it because there's some kind of consistent criteria applied to the concept.  Not so shallow after all.


There you go again...

More dissection fun, here we go, this time another "Ask CFN" (hopefully this isn't another Monday ritual for us every year)-

I’m so sick of you always disrespecting the Pac 10 and always pumping up the SEC and other conferences. The Pac 10 is every bit as good. Didn’t Oregon State almost beat LSU at LSU? Didn’t Arizona State blow out everyone’s favorite Iowa team? How about what USC has done to all the big boys for the last three years? Your bias is getting ridiculous. – JT
Just out of curiosity, I wonder why you didnt mention arizona state was 3-0 against the big10, and also why you didnt mention Oregon states dismantling of ND, and ND team that beat SEC power Tenessee AT Tennessee and also beat Big 10 champ Michigan. Or that the pac10 had the highest bowl winning % of any major BCS conference. Sorry to inform you of the facts. – JA

A: First of all to all of those with a short memory, we were the only ones that consistently had Arizona State ranked ahead of Iowa last year after the blowout loss.
As I’ve asked most of the Pac 10 fans that fire-bombed me all week, this year, would you rather play a schedule with USC, Cal, Arizona State, Oregon State, Oregon and UCLA, or LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Auburn and Alabama? You’re flat-out nuts if you’d rather play the SEC schedule this year. However …

1) I never said the Pac 10 sucks this year. In fact, I’d argue that it’ll battle the ACC as the most even league in the nation and overall, is probably going to be second behind the SEC. Once again though, Cal’s schedule (Sacramento State, at Washington, Illinois, at New Mexico State, Arizona, at UCLA, Oregon State, Washington State, at Oregon, USC, at Stanford) would be a dream for most BCS conference teams.

2) Oregon State didn’t beat LSU. Coffee is for closers only. Quit bringing up that loss. USC almost lost several games last year, but they didn’t. Losses are losses.

3) Notre Dame isn’t in the Pac 10, and the win over Tennessee has nothing to do with you. That was a weird game coming in the middle of the SEC schedule with the Vols losing their starting quarterback, Erik Ainge, early on. It’s easy to forget what a shell of its self that Irish team was for the bowl game after the Ty Willingham fiasco.

4) You may only bring up last year’s great Pac 10 performances if you also bring up UCLA’s loss to Wyoming, Oregon State’s loss to Boise State, and possibly the worst loss by a bowl caliber BCS conference team, Oregon’s home loss to Indiana.

5) And finally … just because USC is the best team in America, that doesn’t mean the Pac 10 is/was great.
First off, a caveat on the Pac-10/SEC schedule.  In the Pac-10, its members play all but one conference member every year.  In the SEC their members are in two divisions, made up of six teams, of mixed quality, and only face three of the other division's six teams.  Any given SEC team may draw all the crappy teams from the other division, or all the good ones.  Or a mix.

So, no, every year, an SEC team is not playing LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Auburn and Alabama.  Chances are any of the SEC Big Six gets three freebies within its division annually, either in the East (Kentucky, Vanderbilt, South Carolina) or West (Arkansas, Missississippi, and Mississippi State).  In reality the SEC schedule is not that bad.

The SEC's two best teams last year were LSU and Auburn, and the Pac-10's 4th-5th best team, Oregon State, was a missed extra point or three away from a win over LSU on the road in the season opener.

Furthermore, claims of the SEC's strength lately have been that the conference is tough week-to-week, but I think USC's season last year showed quite well that in fact the Pac-10 is one of the more prolific conferences, where even the bottom dwellers are having success against the elite teams.  USC's toughest games last year were in fact, not from tough OOC foes like Oklahoma and Virginia Tech, but from within the conference, specifically Stanford (31-28), UCLA (29-25), Oregon State (28-20) and California (23-17).

Is the SEC really, really so great?  No doubt there's an incredible amount of talent in the conference, but we think we're onto something with this sophistication thing, and there's a decent dose of it in the Pac-10.  Not surprisingly, most of USC's recent challengers have been from within the much maligned Pac-10.

Just something to consider...

To answer the next submission by PF, Cal's schedule is not a dream.  Their OOC slate is inexcuseable (Sacramento State, Illinois, New Mexico State).  But, they will get terrific challenges from UCLA, Oregon State, Oregon, and USC.

Next---Yes, losses are losses, but the Oregon State game is quite worthy of bringing up.  It was indicative of a weakness with the idea or belief that the SEC is unchallengeably superior to every conference.  The public perception in general is that the Pac-10 is a weak conference, but when you find apparent huge mismatches like Oregon State @ LSU in a season opener where LSU basically was the lesser of the two teams on the field, you can't just continue on claiming that the SEC is so all superior.

As far as Notre Dame/Tennessee, most pundits treat Notre Dame as an impotent has-been, its few wins coming against softies on its schedule.  Then it beats Big Ten power Michigan and SEC power Tennessee and there's just no explanation as to why, glossed over as a weird game because the Tennessee quarterback got injured.  I saw Rick Clausen have a bad game against Notre Dame in relief, but he had a terrific finish after that game.  In fact, he looked more impressive leading that team than Erik Ainge.  In other words, by accident the Vols got to play their better quarterback against Notre Dame.  They still failed.  They were allegedly the SEC's #2 or #3 team last year, but we're supposed to ignore that game, as if it's no chink in the SEC's armor? Um...

Next, the Pac-10 had its strange losses last year.  When we look at matchups we have to be somewhat honest about some of these games, though.  UCLA should not have lost to Wyoming.  That was embarrassing for them.  Oregon State should have gotten smoked by Boise State, Boise's great!  Pete's being silly with that one.  And Oregon should not have lost to Indiana.  It's weird, but they played much better against Oklahoma than they did against Indiana.  Oregon spent much of the game in Oklahoma territory, but could not score.  Then Adrian Peterson came out with one of his best runs all of last year, breaking a tackle as he sprinted up the middle, then making this smooth arc bouncing towards the sidelines and cruising effortlessly 40 yards into the end zone.

Two out of those three games were bad.  Every conference has bad games, but we have to judge some of these appropriately.  For example, Tennessee/Notre Dame!

Lastly, I don't know how to respond to that one.  I treat the Pac-10 as a legitemate conference, it has one great team in USC, another great or near-great team in California, and another top 10-15 team in ASU, as well as contenders Oregon State and UCLA.  In addition, the conference is due for some reshuffling soon, that's been the tradition, so maybe a return is in line for fomer top 10 occupant Washington State, or maybe Walt Harris can create some magic at Stanford.

In many ways, the Pac-10 is similar to the ACC.  The ACC is competitive top to bottom, it has a nice balance all the way through (as Pete Fiutak accurately noted), and its members shuffle from year to year.  NC State was doing great three years ago, but now UVA is one of the conference's better squads.  And two years from now, things will once again look different.

One of the issues with the SEC is that its Big Six never change, never moving from the leadership.  Those Big Six are Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn and Alabama.  The bottom six (South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi and Mississippi State) are so noncompetitive that not a single member has won the SEC since 1977 when Alabama and Kentucky shared the crown.  The last outright bottom six conference champion was Mississippi way back in 1963!  That doesn't look very competitive to me.

It is CFR's belief that annually, the conferences vary greatly in relative strength, but that there is no true dominant conference.  CFR also believes it is dangerous, reckless, and so far factually inaccurate to annoint a conference without question as dominant and above its peers.  For a while now if any conference has gotten that label, it's been the SEC and thus we direct some of our energies to challenge the notion.


Some new links

Adding them to this post first, but then to the blog.  Proving that we actually do some work here at CFR.

More to come, as always---now off to categorizing and adding these (rolls eyes)...



Last week, Heisman Pundit declared blogger revolution.  Soon others followed.  Things seem all well in bloggy-land.

Then things got crazy.

First, CFR and HP had their say on the upcoming Boise State/Georgia matchup here and here.  Then, mgoblog got batty and launched this broadside.

Then, the weekend came and everyone jumped into the water proclaiming skepticism of HP and also CFR.

This morning, HeismanPundit answered back extensively: vinegar.

For a condensed version of the above, you have EDSBS.

What does CFR think?

We think mgoblog was way off base in considering the thoughtful posts and backed-up justification of HeismanPundit shallow and facile.  I read both posts mgoblog pointed to and found them almost the complete opposite of what HP was being accused of.  Talk about facile.

Mgoblog takes offense to the creation of HP's Big Six, asking 'how would he know'? if they're really sophisticated.  Well, as HP said before, no less than Pete Carroll, one of the elite coaches in the game, was on record giving quite heavy praise for Boise, a team that for whatever reason is taking a beating as somehow unworthy of HP's Big Six.  HP also brought up those teams' records last year---just two losses that weren't head to head.

In response, I've also created the Big Six tracker on here just to keep tabs throughout this season.  Some of the things expressed by HP and CFR are awaiting the actual games to be played.  In the end are the outcomes we talk about predictions?  Well, yeah, since the games haven't been played.  But asking 'how am I to know', after having just read justification from the previous season and an offering of what will happen the next based on that justification, that's your answer.  Actually, your answer is to watch the games!

This sophistication argument is legitemate, and is not going away.  We've presented the outline this preseason, giving you, the reader, time to prepare and watch these teams and see what we're talking about during the regular season.

As far as using numbers or film as justification, I'm sure I'll try and get some film if I have any just sitting around and manage to load it on here.  Until then I don't think written play-by-play of what 22 guys are doing each quarter of a second is really worth your time.

I could sit around and use numbers, too, but I did that once and was accused of not having real justification.  Catch-22 here, if you ask me, from the fickle forever-cautious skeptic types who live what amounts to a fairly numb existence.

Lastly, part of helping people along to understand something is to get ahead of the argument, as HP and CFR have done.  Saying your say afterwards, and being right, has the unfortunate effect of making one a Moday-morning quarterback and people will still not believe you.  At least if your arguments are presented before, people have the time to watch them either develop or disappear and analyze their merits in real time.


Slate clean: Fiu's a nut

At least, he's treading dangerously towards that territory.

Last week HP said from that point out, the slate was clean, everything thereafter was fair game as basis to evaluate the CFB punditry and chattering class.

This week's "Ask CFN" has several nutty QandA's.  We'll respond later today, but first we gotta get some sleep.  Damn Sunday nights.

Just read it and ruminate for a bit.


Ten things you might not know about BC

Via Eagle in Atlanta, from the ACC Area Sports Journal-


  • BC has the longest active bowl winning streak in the country (5 games)
  • The ACC is already paying recruiting dividends for BC
  • Seeing Virginia Tech and Miami again on the football field may not be the best news for Boston College (45-10, 52-6, 38-6 losses, for example, to Miami).
Oh, and as the author notes, don't park at games.  Apparently tailgating just isn't a happening thing thanks to NIMBYist locals.  No wonder BU scrapped its football program a few years ago.