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After Week Seven

  1. Alabama
  2. Penn State
  3. Texas
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Florida
  6. USC
  7. Georgia
  8. LSU
  9. BYU
  10. Missouri
  11. Ohio State
  12. Oklahoma State
  13. Texas Tech
  14. Utah
  15. Kansas
  16. USF
  17. North Carolina
  18. Miami
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  20. Georgia Tech
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Saturday Night's Alright For A Fight

Update: The Rule Change Is Terrible

SMQB breaks down the depressing numbers.  Conservative estimates point towards a loss of three possessions per game.  Not good.

Here's my two efforts at FanHouse talking about the proposed rule changes, and the problem with one specific change.  It could be worse than 3-2-5-e.  If so, it would behoove the powers-that-be to summarily reject this measure.

Ever the watchdog, The Wizard of Odds is all over this thing.

Finally, for the engaged citizens among us:

Michael Clark is the committee head. Here’s his email address: mclark@bridgewater.edu. Oh, and here’s his office number: 540-828-5406. Give him a call, write him and email, and tell him how hard this rule sucks, and will suck until it fails and is revoked next year.


The New Rules

Here's my take at FanHouse

Background articles: Rivals.com and AP

The Wizard of Odds: "NCAA Tries to Again Shorten Games"

What say you?


Almost Here: Spring Football

Rivals.com has the goods for all but a handful of TBD's (Updated link)


Alabama starts Feburary 24th 

Texas starts on February 27th 

Defending National Champion LSU starts spring ball on March 4th, as does Georgia

Michigan starts March 18th 

Oklahoma starts March 20th

USC starts March 21st, as does Florida

Notre Dame begins March 22nd

Ohio State starts March 29th 



Keith Jackson Quotable

The BCS goes back to the alliance days which was a power grab and a money grab by certain conferences and it hasn't changed in its intent," Jackson said. "To add another game, will it resolve controversy over who's who and what's what? I really truly doubt it."

The Pac-10 and the Big Ten didn't start the fire.

They were plenty happy before the Bowl Alliance (or whatever it was called back then) came along.  They were less happy after it.  And they're a little less happy now with the BCS.  Here's guessing they'd be content with things going back to the way they were before the other conferences changed the composition of the game.  It was a bad move then and heading towards a playoff is an even worse move now.

Does anyone really think 12-team conferences are good for college football?  How about conference title games?  Schedules are finite.  College football simply cannot play a 16-week season like the NFL.  Flying in the face of logic, most of the same conferences that pushed us into this Alliance/BCS reality are also the conferences carrying twelve members.

It's obvious that round-robin play (or something close to it) is superior to split divisions (see SEC, Big 12, ACC) and possible repeat matchups in conference title games.  Can a team truly be its league champion if it hasn't faced all its league opponents?  Do you follow?

The major conferences most associated with sensible conference play (Pac-10, Big Ten, Big East) are the same ones treated as the villains in all of this, Big East excluded.  Amazing.  We had it right, once ...


Playoff Quotable

Mission creep:

"We've never seen a four-team playoff stay as a four team playoff. So if you are concerned, and we are, about an eight-team, 12-team or 16-team playoff and what it would do to college football, we don't believe that you allow the camel's nose under the tent with a four-team playoff."

[Big Ten Commissioner Jim] Delaney said ABC executives presented a "plus-one" plan to the Big Ten, SEC, Big East, Big 12 and Pac-10 conferences two years ago, and all six rejected it.

We will not be snookered by a "Plus One" 


Your 2007-2008 National Champions: The LSU Tigers

One question: do you think they'll reject the Associated Press trophy as illegitimate?

Regardless, congrats to the Tigers.


The Best Player You've Probably Never Heard Of

Tulsa fullback Charles Clay.

Get to know him as Sunday night he reached the 1,000 yard receiving mark in Tulsa's 63-7 bowl victory over Bowling Green.  Just so we're clear here: he's a true freshman fullback.  There aren't many - if any - fullbacks at any level who can haul in 1,000 receiving yards in a season.  I remember seeing him play in the season opener against Louisiana-Monroe and being immediately impressed.

He led his team with eights catches for 92 yards that day and closed the season with 69 receptions for 1024 yards (14.8 average) and seven touchdowns.  Clay was also third on the team in rushing with 304 yards (5.3 average).

Not bad for a guy who by many accounts was only modestly recruited by the school he signed with, a class-filler type recruit. 


Straight From The Horse's Mouth

"The one thing [all] of us are in agreement on is there isn't going to be a playoff"

- Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese


You Can't Say I'm Playing Favorites Here

Found a cool anti-playoff blog recently.  I'll give you just a taste of the author's point-by-point rebuttal of a Gene Wojciechowski column:

Wojo: "USC, playing as well as anyone these days, finished 10-2, but still gets no soup."

Author: A typical playoff guy. The hot team at the end of the season takes it all. The BCS is unique in sports. It attempts to assess a team's entire body of work over the course of a season, not just give the crown to the hot hand who gets the breaks at the end. True, nobody wants to play USC right now either, and they won't have to because USC lost to a 41 point underdog at home! Nothing is more appropriate than these guys not getting the second chance they would have gotten in a playoff system. We have the BCS to thank for that.



Shoot . . .




Yet Another Reason A Playoff Is Just Stupid



Lose to Stanford and Oregon?  No soup for you, at least in my book.


Missed The Connection

I've sat quiet for a lot of the recent anti-BCS carping.  Time to mix it up a little.

Bob Keisser, Long Beach Press-Telegram:

My hatred for the BCS exists in perpetuity, but there's no doubting that the college football season has it all over the NFL when it comes to sustained excitement.

All eight division leaders in the league have at least a two-game lead. New England is six games up and has clinched, Green Bay has a four-game edge, Tampa Bay and Dallas three, and the others have two-game leads.

The New York Giants and Jacksonville seemingly have a wild card berth in hand, too. Really, the only things left to ponder are New England's drive to perfection, Miami's stumble to ignominy and how injuries could impact the playoffs.

It's like he doesn't get it.

Maybe --- just maybe --- it's possible there's a link between a postseason tournament in a sport and its regular season being treated as nothing more than seeding?  Maybe that's why college football's the only sport with a truly compelling regular season, hmmmm ???

I'm telling you that fun regular season we have is going the way of the dodo bird if a postseason tournament is created.  It happened to college basketball and we've already seen the drudgery that is the NBA, NFL and MLB regular season.  The link is obvious and it's just bizarre that so many people can complain about the BCS and the bowls, yet still not understand that this great regular season is a product of not having a tournament.

If you want the great postseason, you lose out on the regular season, that's the trade-off, them's the breaks.  I want the regular season and frankly college football is the only game around with any semblance of one, it's an island unto its beautiful self.  Just stick with what we got people, it's not so bad.  Just know that a switch from BCS/bowls to a playoff means a move to being just like all those other sports, there's just no way to have our cake and eat it too.


Open Forum

Regular season's over, best and only meaningful regular season in all of major American sport.

Chime away on all the BCS weirdness etc. I'll stick my nose in from time to time, actually on the road right now so it's difficult to get more than a few moments in front of the computer to put something up. 


ESPN College GameDay Update

It's Championship Weekend and the SEC Championship Game is no longer compelling so it's not too much of a surprise to see GameDay headed to San Antonio for the Big 12's title match between Oklahoma and Missouri.


The BCS Championship Game, Playoffs and USC

What would you think of a BCS Title game between Missouri and West Virginia?

Personally, given the way this season has gone, I say "fine by me".  However, my opinion isn't universal so I'm curious what you CFR readers think?  This Chris Dufresne column is about where I am in terms of dealing with an unusual BCS title game matchup.

It's frustrating to see two teams with questionable non-conference loads slowly grind their way to the top, but it's not like both aren't highly respectable football clubs.  I think maybe we've been a little spoiled by the USC/Texas type matchups where there's some clearly qualified teams playing all season like they're the best then showing it once more in the title game.  Not every season is like that though.

Last year Ohio State and Florida were two very good football teams.  I wouldn't say either was anywhere near an all-time club, a sure-fire runaway blockbuster.  But that's football.  Great teams don't come along every year.  The same goes for this year.  Certainly USC and LSU had that runaway potential, but neither ever got its act together.  In the absence of a truly great team or even a reasonable approximation like what happened in 2006, we just have to wait this out and see who makes the best case at the end of the year.

I really don't know the alternative to this year if we don't want some combination of Missouri or West Virginia.  USC and LSU have flubbed it up over and over.  Ohio State is still marked with last year's Scarlet Letter after the Florida loss.  Those two are about as good as anyone.  Get mad not at the system but the handful of teams good enough to give us a more appealing title game that didn't get it done.

Speaking of teams that didn't get it done: USC coach Pete Carroll is on top of the world after his team's victory over Arizona State and is talking playoffs.

For six years, USC coach Pete Carroll said he never understood how the Bowl Championship Series worked . . . until now.

"It’s about who’s had the most attractive season rather than who had the best team," Carroll said. "It just dawned on me that’s how it works."

Carroll’s opinion might be influenced by the fact USC dismantled Arizona State, 44-24, on Thanksgiving and the Trojans appear to be hitting their stride, albeit 11 games into the season. He might have felt different after the Stanford game.

Carroll said he did not want his comments to be construed as sour grapes because USC is not going to play in the BCS title game. But he believes the Trojans would hold their own if college football held a playoff.

"I would love to be involved with a discussion of who is the best team in the country at the end of the season," Carroll said.

This isn't the NFL, coach.  Narrowly sneaking by the majority of your easier games and building a fat win-loss record doesn't put you in the title game in college football.  Ok, it did once recently (Ohio State 2002), but that team was a severe anomaly.  USC may very well have the best football team in all the land right now, but you gotta prove it weeks one through thirteen, not just weeks twelve and thirteen.

Carroll may have had a gripe in 2002 when his team was in my mind the best in college football, but even then USC won its last eight games by healthy margins and looked completely unstoppable on both sides of the ball.  Last weekend was the first time all year aside from the games against lowly Nebraska and Washington State that USC has even looked above average.  That won't cut it.


Happy Thanksgiving

All my best to all you US Americans on this fantastic holiday of ours.  Best wishes to our international audience as well.

Beyond the obvious, I'm thankful for a college football game on Thanksgiving instead of just the usual NFL matches.  This could be a real treat.

Be sure to check out The Wiz's 2007 Turkey Award nominees while you're clicking around.


Tim Tebow's 20 - 20

Yay alliteration.

Amazingly, this little bit of data may not have been discovered by Florida's SID's, but instead some guy commenting on Heisman Pundit's Live Blog last weekend.

my first question/comment was going to be about tebow becoming the first 20/20 college player EVER (20 rush TDs, 20 pass TDs)...


1:24 Do you guys know what Tebow was for Halloween?

1:24 [Comment From J.R. Deluxe]
doesn't this make tebow the first 20-20 player ever?
1:24 Clark Kent

1:25 Good question Deluxe

1:25 I think so

1:25 Amazing

okay, this guy is the "foremost authority" on the Heisman and i had to inform HIM of this fact? i detected a strong urge from "the establishment" to hurry up and find a frontrunner to replace the injured Dennis Dixon QUICK, with someone besides SuperTim...i wasn't having it.

so, i'm not going to take credit if Tebow eventually wins this thing, but i will say that i might have influenced an "influential player" in the game...

UPDATE--i don't mean to brag, but i think my pointing out the 20/20 angle seems to have become the talking point nationally. i think i re-framed this debate...


This guy has a future in politics.  Great find, and more than anything I'm shocked Heisman Pundit wasn't on it first, he has a tremendous knack for putting together information/stats/storylines like that.



ESPN College GameDay Update

The boys from Bristol will be in Kansas City to referee the heated Kansas - Missouri battle.  Great choice.


Saturday Live Thread: Week Twelve

You know the drill.

Be sure to also keep tabs all Saturday with the fantastic crew (myself included, I suppose) at FanHouse.

Also, a big congratulations to my friend Matt (an occasional commenter on here) who officially passed the California Bar Exam first time through.


The Bitter Kansas - Missouri Rivalry

I'm still convinced that USC - UCLA is the most purely bitter (not necessarily the best) animosity-filled rivalry in college sports.


For singularly ridiculous and almost unbelievably ill mannered partisanship, this Missouri - Kansas thing may take the cake.

You can have your Ohio State v. Michigan or Alabama v. Auburn, but the last time I checked nobody from Columbus ever went to Ann Arbor and systematically executed every man they could find while burning the town to the ground. And certainly nobody made t-shirts later celebrating that fact.

But that did happen in 1863 in Lawrence, KS when William Quantrill led his band of "Bushwackers" to the "Jayhawker" stronghold and went on a 4 hour rampage that would become known as the "Lawrence Massacre" - one of the ugliest episodes of the brutal 10+ years of fighting along the Kansas and Missouri border. While the Civil War has become the South v. the North in most people's minds, the fighting in fact began as a violent guerrilla conflict between the abolitionists in Kansas and the slave holding Missouri settlers (more or less, like many guerrilla campaigns there were quite blurred lines at times). In many ways, those old wounds have never quite healed - Grandpa Simpson will be be deep in the cold, cold ground before he recognizes Missour-ah as a state, for example.

Those t-shirts seen above that some Missouri fans are making for the showdown at Arrowhead in two weeks are celebrating the Lawrence Massacre and in fact have Quantrill's visage and slogan emblazoned on the back - "Raise the Black Flag and Ride Hard Boys. Our Cause is Just and Our Enemies Many". Talk about going straight past normal levels of fan behavior and making a hard right turn into loony land, that might be the single most offensive gameday t-shirt I've ever seen. Kansas fans are now responding with t-shirts sporting noted violent Kansas abolitionist John Brown (who led a massacre of his own and the 1859 Harper's Ferry raid that really kicked off the Civil War powder keg) with the slogan "Keeping America Safe From Missouri Since 1854" - a mock-up of those t-shirts can be seen here.

On the one hand, this is cool because there's some true blue (ugly) American history linking those towns that host the colleges.  On the other hand ... there's so many things wrong with it.  So very, very wrong.