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Friday Photo Blogging

As usual, I'm leaning heavily on my beer connoisseur and all-around chill friend Steve to supply a photo this week.  After scanning through his various galleries last evening, I stumbled upon the photo of a ginormous dog.

"This animal's massive!" I told him.  I knew it was his uncle's pup but hadn't really studied the photo until then.  It sort of reminded me of a sandy-colored Hooch from Turner & Hooch.  Anyway, after looking at it for a bit, something dawned on me.

I told Steve: "this guy looks a lot like that dog from The Sandlot.  I mean it's eerie!"  I should have known.

Say hello to Newton, cheerful grandson of that ominous dog from the movie The Sandlot.


Awww.  He doesn't look so mean, does he?  Apparently Newton passed away a while back, but we're happy to report he was a very amicable and sweet dog who probably would have done very bad things to a person like Michael Vick.

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