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Saturday Night's Alright For A Fight

Entries in USC (12)


Coaches Atwitter 3/10/10

Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen is not above clowning around:

Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh enjoyed an 80's classic:

Ball State defensive line coach Phil Burnett is taking in the sights of Las Vegas:

New USC head coach Lane Kiffin tweets some great news for fans of The Blind Side:




Coaches Atwitter 11/19/09

Ball State offensive line coach Jason Eck wonders what Craigers is up to:

UCF LBs coach and recruiting coordinator Geoff Collins urges his followers to try his new candy and energy drink pairing:

USC head football coach Pete Carroll states the obvious:


Coaches Atwitter 9/14/09

Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins is busy watching film, probably a lot of it:

USC head coach Pete Carroll congratulates his former assistant and this week's opponent:

Western Kentucky head coach David Elson took part in YouTube comedy gold:


Coaches Atwitter 9/9/09

Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh was glad some professional golfers were thinking about Stanford football:

How did your coach handle practice on Tuesday?


Coaches Atwitter 8/24/09

USC head coach Pete Carroll is ready to lift some boxes:

Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh wants everyone to check out the latest rankings:

The University of Central Florida's coaching staff uses an almost identical tweet for the rankings (FYI: UCF is ranked #5 on the list of up-and-coming universities):

Florida State's TEs coach and recruiting coordinator James Coley advises you to stay awake:

SMU head coach June Jones had the nation's 43rd President stop by and take some pictures:


Coaches Atwitter - 8/9/09

USC head coach Pete Carroll wishes his former coaches and former players the best of luck:

Colorado State head coach Steve Fairchild thinks the BCS belongs in jail:

Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh should probably also make a phone call for the occasion:

Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen has his schedule down for the beginning of camp:

UCF LBs coach and recruiting coordinator Geoff Collins gives a shout out:


USC Football Gets Hypnotized


Answer: YES


Coaches Atwitter 5/28/09

Duke head coach David Cutliffe checks back in with his followers:

Penn State QB coach Jay Paterno starts the countdown:

USC head football coach Pete Carroll and USC head men's basketball coach Tim Floyd are on tour in a city near you:

Tests should fear the UCF Coaching Staff:


Coaches Atwitter 5/13/09

Coach Bill Stewart gave everyone a friendly reminder to renew their WVU season tickets:

Coach June Jones had some extra time to burn at the airport:

Coach Pete Carroll gave students a song for the end of finals:


Ken Norton on Cushing, Matthews, Maualuga

Keep in mind I think the guys USC will put on the field this year (Malcolm Smith, Chris Galippo, Michael Morgan) might end up being better players than this group, at the college level.  Via the Orange County Register's USC Blog:

Cushing: “Tough guy, and he wants to prove it to you every time. Heart. The definition of hard work, and he’s going to carry that flag. Captain, rah-rah guy. He’ll be an extremely good pro because he’s going to be your tough guy, he’ll play hard, he’s a complete ballplayer, you’re not going to outwork him and you’re not going to out-tough him.”

Matthews: ‘Tremendous athlete. Never satisfied. Carries a huge chip on his shoulder. Has a mean streak about him. He’s never happy with himself. He’s the biggest critic of himself. He’s always trying to show people how good he is.”

Maualuga: “Spectacular. The guy who will knock you out. He’s the Mike Tyson of the group. He’s going to intimidate you. He’s gong to come in throwing haymakers.”